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ARCturus website includes a collection of teaching entities that advance according to the structure of the Universe and development of human worldview. The design of the site is beautiful and simple so that the navigation between different sections would be easy and motivating.

In the first phase, each section of the site consists of a basic collection of topics the scale of which will be gradually extended. In time, existing information will be updated, when needed. The aim is to bear in mind the limits of school education in the total amount of material. More thorough and in-depth information can be found online via the links on the site.

The editor of ARCturus is PhD,MEd Irma Hannula, who in her doctoral dissertation developed a structural, natural way of teaching astronomy. The site is published by LUMA Centre Finland. Together with Irma Hannula, the Head of the LUMA Centre Finland, professor Maija Aksela, has been an active inspirer in the development of the site.

The graphic design has been done by Katja Nevalainen from Media Center Valo, based on the preliminary ideas of Irma Hannula. The technical production of the site was done by Aarne Wallén from Media Center Valo. The drawing on the site Secret of Heaven – The Big Question Mark of the Universe was done according to Irma Hannula’s teaching chart by artist Tom Björklund and graphic designer Johan Björklund from Eonian Oy.

The members of the steering group for the future development of the site are:

  • Director, professor Maija Aksela (chair), LUMA Centre Finland
  • Post-doctoral researcher Mikael Granvik, University of Helsinki, Department of Physics
  • Editor, PhD, MEd Irma Hannula
  • Head of Observatory Päivi Harjunpää, Helsinki University Museum
  • Senior Lecturer Juhani Huovelin, University of Helsinki, Department of Physics

The texts, made by Irma Hannula, have been translated into English by Meeri Hannikainen, M.Sc. (Econ.), except the following ones: Home, Editorial, Earth-Moon, Northern Lights and Pinhole Camera, which have been translated by Science communicator Elisa Lautala.

The editorial group, Irma Hannula, Meeri Hannikainen and A Freelance Writer, Mrs. Cindy McCabe from the USA, has made the final editorial work.

ARCturus welcomes users and visitors for an adventure through the Universe from the invisible micro cosmos to macro cosmos.